Re: xcdroast / gcombust can't find cd to read in

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Am Sa, den 15.11.2003 schrieb Schlueri um 19:10:
> I've upgraded xcdroast with fc1 rpm from
> (xcdroast-0.98alpha15-1). I've not tried to burn a cd with the fc1
> version.
> Now i want to copy a cd. xcdroast or gcombust can't find the inserted
> source cd. I've the Gnome automount features disabled, but nothing
> helps. Xcdroast just says "no cd inserted". 
> With RH9 there was no problem, same hardware. Listed right in xcdroast
> prefs.
> Any hint?
> Thx.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... f*ck. Forget this, works! Sorry me!

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