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Dave Oxley wrote:
My company is buying a new Dell server (2x2.4GHz P4 Xeon, 2Gb RAM, 73Gb RAID 1 SCSI) for our production customer facing web site and I have been trying to decide on which Linux distribution to use. It needs to run Apache, tomcat, sendmail, mysql, php and bind and have minimum downtime. We normally have about 25Gb of HTTP traffic a month, but is likely to double over the next 12 months. I am not fussed about having paid for support (that's my job!)

I was going to choose RH9 (after deciding against Debian), but I just found out about Fedora. Is Core 1 suitable for this type of environment? Or would you recommend I go with RH9 or Debian.


I'll play devil's advocate - My experience with Fedora is quite good so far.

I have been running a no-X based server , readying it for production. Mine is a slightly odd combo. It's an authenticating gateway/firewall/router, with traffic shaping, runs a cacheing Bind, and has a HTTPd for configuration interface. It runs PostgreSQL for logging.

It typically gets more than 25GB traffic *through* it per month.

I have had no problems running it since FC test 1 :/ . Minimum down time is my primary need, and so far it's excellent.

I won't recommend Fedora. It's up to you, and the risk you are prepared to take.

Cheers, Michael

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