apt-get segmentation fault

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I installed Fedora Core 1 last night. Just after installation, I manually 
installed the apt RPM (apt-0.5.15cnc1-0.fdr.3.1.i386.rpm). In 
/etc/apt/sources.list, I commented out the master repository and added two 
repositories (mirrors.usc.edu and rpm.livna.org). I was able to run apt-get 
successfully for several packages -- xmms, mplayer, etc.

Today, though, apt-get suddenly segfaults when I run it. Here are two 

[[email protected] adrian]# apt-get update
Get:1 http://mirrors.usc.edu fedora/1/i386 release [2074B]
Get:2 http://macromedia.mplug.org fedora/1 release [504B]
Get:3 http://rpm.livna.org fedora/1/i386 release [1120B]
Fetched 3698B in 0s (14.1kB/s)
Hit http://mirrors.usc.edu fedora/1/i386/os pkglist
Hit http://mirrors.usc.edu fedora/1/i386/os release
Hit http://mirrors.usc.edu fedora/1/i386/updates pkglist
Hit http://mirrors.usc.edu fedora/1/i386/updates release
Hit http://mirrors.usc.edu fedora/1/i386/stable pkglist
Hit http://mirrors.usc.edu fedora/1/i386/stable release
Hit http://mirrors.usc.edu fedora/1/i386/os srclist
Hit http://mirrors.usc.edu fedora/1/i386/updates srclist
Hit http://mirrors.usc.edu fedora/1/i386/stable srclist
Hit http://macromedia.mplug.org fedora/1/macromedia pkglist
Hit http://macromedia.mplug.org fedora/1/macromedia release
Hit http://macromedia.mplug.org fedora/1/macromedia srclist
Hit http://rpm.livna.org fedora/1/i386/stable pkglist
Hit http://rpm.livna.org fedora/1/i386/stable release
Hit http://rpm.livna.org fedora/1/i386/unstable pkglist
Hit http://rpm.livna.org fedora/1/i386/unstable release
Hit http://rpm.livna.org fedora/1/i386/testing pkglist
Hit http://rpm.livna.org fedora/1/i386/testing release
Hit http://rpm.livna.org fedora/1/i386/stable srclist
Hit http://rpm.livna.org fedora/1/i386/unstable srclist
Hit http://rpm.livna.org fedora/1/i386/testing srclist
Segmentation fault

[[email protected] apt]# apt-get install httpd-devel
Segmentation fault

Any idea why this is happening? I can't think of anything I've done that would 
have caused it. I'd be happy to post any conf files if requested.


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