gnome-terminal ignores fonts.conf ?

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I have configured my ~/.fonts.conf with the following to disable
anti-aliasing for 8-11pt fonts:

<match target="font">
<test qual="any" name="size" compare="more"><int>7</int></test>
<test qual="any" name="size" compare="less"><int>12</int></test>
<edit name="antialias" mode="assign"><bool>false</bool></edit>

This works perfectly well for all gnome applications I use except chooses to anti-alias the terminal text regardless
of these settings.  The only work-around I've found so far is to disable
anti-alias altogether in gnome-font-properties, but that's not a great
solution.  Anti-aliased terminal text drives me nuts, and I can't seem
to find a nice bitmap font that I prefer over Lucida Console.  P.s. This
used to work in RH9.

Thanks!! -

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