Re: Ogg mime icon is default gnome foot

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I had the same problem - here's how I fixed it.

in /usr/share/icons/{THEME NAME}/{IMAGE SIZE}/mimetypes

where {THEME NAME} is the theme I'm using and
{IMAGE SIZE} is every image size that has a mimetypes directory

I created a link with
ln -s file-audio-ogg.png gnome-mime-application-ogg.png

you may have to kill and restart nautilus or change the theme to get it
to work.

You'll also notice that the mp3 files don't come out with the correct
icon either, they use generic file-audio.png instead of
file-audio-mp3.png.  You can fix this by creating a corresponding link.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge of themes could explain if there is
a more generic way to do this (i.e., for all themes) or why the themes
appear to be broken in the first place.


On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 20:44, Robert Brimhall wrote:
> Just curious if anyone else's ogg files show the correct mime icon? My
> mp3's do but not the oggs... I tried to change it in the file types and
> settings tool but it doesn't seem to appear in nautilus. Any ideas?

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