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On Wednesday 12 November 2003 03:39 pm, Andrea Gangini wrote:
> > Can I install Wine for RedHat9 on Fedora Core 1?
> > Is there binary package for Fedora?
> I installed the rpm available on SourceForge. The Red Hat 9 version works
> just fine.
XWine is a graphical user interface for the wine emulator.
 You can configure and run Ms-Windows applications (Ms Dos, Windows 3.x or 
 XWines's functions:
     - Wine's Configuration. 
     - Configuration and Managment of Ms-Windows Applications
WineTools is a collection of tools with the following features:
 * Install an application
 *Uninstall an application
 * Create a fake Windows drive.
 *Edit the Wine config
 * Add a registry (.reg) file
 * Install an MS webfont 

Nice tools, and is a good Wine resource site.


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