"Graphical Greeter has Crashed, Attempting to use another"

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Hello, Everyone :)
   I just did a fresh install of Fedora Core 1, and I chose to install
Everything.  This morning, with no possibility of anyone accessing our
computer except our cat, (even though we named him Linus, I have never
noticed that he had any interest in computers whatsoever.) when I looked
at the monitor, it said that Init had just run.  This was in the middle
of a session, so this was fairly suprising to me.  (When I had went to
bed last night, I had a CD burning, and I was in runlevel 3)

   When I rebooted, I got a message that said "Graphical greeter has
crashed, attempting to use another"  So I proceeded to log in to KDE
with the alternate greeter that came up.  I can't remember what caused
it, but I then got an error about GDM crashing.  When I clicked on
"Submit a Bug Report", I got an error saying that BugBuddy had crashed
as well!  When I clicked on "Submit a Bug Report" on that error, I got
the same thing, and on and on.....

   I can log into KDE just fine, with the alternate greeter that it says
it is going to attempt to use, but as an experiment, I tried logging
into GNOME, and I got an error about Nautilus crashing, so I clicked on
"Submit a Bug Report", with the same result as described above.

   So I don't waste any unecessary bandwith, I will refer you to the
following Bugzilla report:

   I searched Bugzilla and both the Fedora Core and the Fedora Test
lists and I've seen nothing like this mentioned there.  I don't use
GNOME, so my system is completely usable one I get logged in, but this
could keep a GNOME user from using GNOME, so I changed the severity
level to Major, and the Priority level to High.
   If there is anything I can do to clarify what I've said above, or in
the bug report I made, let me know and I'll be glad to oblige :)

Steven P. Ulrick

I need to add that this problem did not immediately follow my very
recent installation.  It happened about a day or so later, while I was

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