Win4Lin with FC1? Also...kudzu hangs with plain 2.4.22 kernel

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Anyone get Win4Lin working with FC1?

I am in the unfortunate position of needing to run Windows from time to time for work and need Win4Lin. The kernel patches that Netraverse provides for the 2.4.22 kernel do not work with the FC1 kernel, so I patched a 'korg' kernel (2.4.22) with the Win4Lin patches and everything compiles fine...but Win4Lin craps out when starting the Win98 install for some reason. I am looking into it now but thought I would check and see if anyone else had solved this problem already.

I also had a problem with kudzu hanging the system with the plain 2.4.22 kernel. I installed the kudzu RPM from RH9 and it solved the problem.

Dave Thomas

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