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> On Sat, Nov 08, 2003 at 03:41:23AM +0000, Alex Dennis wrote:
> > Hi
> >=20
> > I think the printer configuration programme isn't linking to CUPS
> > properly. In printconf-gui the paper size was set automatically to A4
> > (which is correct for my locale) but pages were printing with the image
> > about an inch too high (the top of the page missing and the bottom too
> > far up). The problem didn't arise in OpenOffice but did with Mozilla,
> > Emacs and lpr on the command line.
> The CUPS A4 size is for text (which gets converted to PostScript).
> Other applications, such as Mozilla, which produce PostScript directly
> need to be told the paper size separately.
> Tim.
> */

This was after I'd set the paper size in Mozilla, etc. It also happened
when printing out a dvips'ed LaTeX document with the [a4paper] option
for documentclass. I had the setq ps-paper-type line set correctly in
.emacs too, which is what made me think it was a CUPS/configuration
problem rather than application-specific. Perhaps it was just me -- no
one else seems to have had any troubles.



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