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I had been using gtk themes with Enlightenment 1.6.6 on rh9 using the
~/.gtkrc-2.0 file which contained the following: 

include "/usr/share/themes/Industrial/gtk-2.0/gtkrc"

Some programs are still using this PART of the theme (nautilus, which i
run using -n --no-desktop arguments cuz it would conflict w/ e), mozilla
firebird, epiphany/galeon, evolution. Other programs are not using it at
(pyslsk [which uses python] & LinNeighborhood for example). Also, for
the programs that do use the theme, they're only using the icons/buttons
and 'colors'.. like the lighter gray background for window button bars
and stuff. The button shapes, font, scroll bars, etc.. all are the ugly
standard bluecurve theme, and unchangeable. 

I don't really understand what changed from rh9 to fedora1.0 in terms of
how programs are accessing themes. Is it possible to fix this? Can
someone explain what changed? 

thanks :)


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