Re: Can´t install packages from CDs after 1st installation

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On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 07:51, [email protected] wrote:
> I have upgraded from RH9 to FC1 and now I can not install more packages from
> installation CDs.
> I have made a clean installation of FC1 and the problem is still there.
> Launching redhat-config-packages from a terminal to see output messages, the
> problem seems to be that after mounting the CDs, it tries to locate RPMs on
> "/mnt/cdrom/RedHat", instead of  "/mnt/cdrom/Fedora".
> Has anyone found this?

I just confirmed it with a test.

Even if it is configurable, it should be reported to bugzilla.  I'll do
that and report the number back to the list so you can add your

Gerry Tool

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