Re: new yum and apt conf ????

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Le jeu 06/11/2003 à 00:41, Jef Spaleta a écrit :
> Bill Nottingham wrote:
> > Desquerre Yohann (yohann desquerre wanadoo fr) said: 
> > > > yum and up2date come by default with URLs that redirect to the proper
> > > 
> > > I upgrade from 0.95 release so my conf is not correct...maybe you are
> > > talking about the Cd's of fedora core 1 ????
> > 
> > It may be installed at /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources.rpmnew or
> > /etc/yum.conf.rpmnew.
> Man i was really hoping for a very very strong statement about the perils of
> upgrading from a test release to an official release this time around. I'm very
> wary of a large number of new beta testers, who have had close
> association with rawhide, getting burned in a month or so when rawhide
> diverges from the fedora updates...because of this very issue.
> I humbly suggest that a lot of the new-comers do not have a full
> appreciation of what rawhide is, and are going to learn the hard way
> when new tech starts showing up for consumption and they are expecting
> to get fedora core 1 updates.

I agree !!! What the best way to adopt :

The "nofear user" who wants to be the more uptodate as possible have to
still upgrade from rawhide?

The users who looks for stability just have to update from "os and
updates " repository?

the hybrid users in addition to the stability solution will add the
testing repository?

Is it possible to automatically update the stable release (core +
update, eventually testing), and update "on demands" the rawhide new

And if it's possible how to configure the rhn-applet to show us the
source of the updates (core,updates,testing,rawhide...)

> I was really hoping for a strong statement in the release annoucements
> that upgrading from a test release is not exactly the most advisable
> thing to do. For a lot of people, they are just going to upgrade from
> their test release install and think they are set to get updates from
> the correct update sources and it will still be rawhide, because the
> source file is not going to get overwritten.
> Desquerre is one of the lucky few who are actually going to take the
> time to notice their up2date didnt change source locations.
> -jef"oh and by the way..the sky is falling"spaleta


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