RE: hoax or bad taste joke by Redhat's CEO?

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Anyone know how many copies of Lindows Wal-Mart has sold?

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 11:43, Black wrote:
> > Feel sorry for this, but GNU/Linux is not ready for the 
> > desktop market, at least for the average user.
> I've been saying this for a while too, but as both a RedHat stockholder and
> administrator, I don't like to see this one bit.  Once installed, the
> "basics" of computer use are there and VERY easy to use.  For a true
> computer newbie, such as our elementary age kids, there is nothing to
> "unlearn".  A perfect canvas to build the future of desktop Linux.  I think
> RedHat missed on this one and apparently I'm not alone.  To see this news on
> the same day as the SuSe\Novell announcement sent the stock down sharply.
> Is anyone listening?
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