Sound problems

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Hello people,

I have some problems with sound on my system. I use gnome. When i try to
play a DVD movie or listen to a mp3 or cd *often* the sound doesn't
work. i have enabled "Enabled sound server startup" in Preferences ->
Sound. Then my sound was working yesterday, but just today it didnt work
anymore. Checking to see if the sound server is running with "ps -A |
grep esd"  in the terminal revealed that this server is running. Stil my
sound doesnt work, sometimes when i try mplayer to play a dvd it says
that aRts is not running, but isn`t this for kde? I use gnome and at the
moment dont have kde installed. And what is Alsa? Do i need to install
either aRts or Alsa? Any help here would be appreciated.

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2004!!

Best regards,

Davy Obdam

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