RH9 & Fedora [was] America's Army on D600 laptop

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> From: William Hooper [mailto:[email protected]]
> Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 11:28 PM
> > I Know it's not advisable to cross-post esp when it's on a 
> diff platform,
> > however, we are dealing with the offspring of RH right.
> >
> > Besides, this list has more turnover and more ppl are reading this..
> > Shrike
> > list's well, I'm on it and volume is low. On average 
> there's like 200+
> > emails/day. Somebody's bound to have an answer.
> This is a slippery slope argument.  Debian's Linux, right, so 
> because this
> list has high traffic and is a Linux list I should ask questions here
> about Debian...

As I mentioned.. FC1 is the offspring(technically or otherwise) of RH.
Most things are similiar. If someone says it works in FC1 then I can also
try that out by installing FC1. (right?) 

Debian is Linux.. but Debian's not the offspring of RH right? 

> Posting off-topic (especially off version) always leads to 
> someone joining the thread and missing your disclaimer, then wasting time 
> trying to find out why you can't use an option that is in Fedora that
isn't in RH 9.

That's understood and I agree. Again, What I do need to find out as well, if
anyone has any success running America's Army.

Actually, All I wanted to determine is, what sort of games can I get under
Linux. Games, like 3d Games not frozen-bubble,tuxracer,pinball,gweled etc..

PS : not in here to start any flames or anything. Okay..

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