Re: Error while trying to upgrade from RH8 toi FC1

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Robin Laing wrote:
I am trying to move upto Fedora Core from RH 8 and during the upgrade I
keep getting an error message and being told to reboot. This message occurs right after I select the partition to upgrade. (/dev/hda3)

--- error message
  Error mounting device sda1 as /mnt/pix.
    No such file or directory

  This most likely means this partition has not been formatted.

   Press OK to reboot your system.

---  end error message.

I don't have a scsi drive or controller (sda1) so I would assume that the install is trying to use the CD rom or the partition that my RH 8 is installed on and is having problems with linking.

This error occurs in either graphical or text install attempts at the same location.

I guess I will hold off on Fedora until I hear an answer.

CD have been tested using the install test routine and all have been confirmed.

The SCSI driver is also used to handle USB and Firewire storage units (FLASH, CompactMedia, MemoryStick, etc).

If you have ANY block-addressable, random-access mass storage OTHER than
real disks on SCSI or IDE controllers, disconnect them and retry the

"sda...It ain't just for SCSI anymore!" ;-)

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