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> I faced the following problem:
> Now at home I don't have internet, but I want to use yum, for example, to
> install smbclient and so on... I can download the whole yum repository at
> my work.
> Q:
> May I use that repos. copy at home to upgrade, install RPMS?
> example for meeting my needs:
> 1) download http://download.fedora.us/fedora/fedora/1/i386/yum/updates/
> 2) copy to my local home HD ( /var/fedora/1/i386/yum/updates/)
> 3) put right paths in yum.conf
> 4) yum install ....
> Any thoughts?

Here is how I set mine up:

---/etc/cron.daily/update_repository ---


rsync -av --partial --stats \
--include "fedora/core/updates" \
--include "updates/9/" \
--exclude "redhat" \
--exclude "contrib" \
--exclude "beta" \
--exclude "fedora/core/1/" \
--exclude "development" \
--exclude "updates" \
--exclude "test"  \

cd /var/ftp/pub/fedora/core/updates/1/i386/
yum-arch .

# Snipped the non-i386 specific stuff...

--- End update_repository script

The main thing you missed is the yum-arch step at the end. Delete the
./headers/ directory from the download copy then rerun yum-arch in your binary
directories (e.g., RPMS/i386, RPMS/i686). The rsync script is not optimal -- I
had weird errors trying to synch the correct directory :D.  But it is working
here for me.

* The Digital Hermit   http://www.digitalhermit.com
* Unix and Linux Solutions   kwan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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