Re: pulling out email addresses

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On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 14:37:20 -0500, Mark Haney wrote:

> I work for an email marketing company that deal directly with physicians 
> and consumers (no NOT spam) but what I'm looking for is a tool that will 
> handle the bounces, pull the email address that bounced and dump it into a 
> text file for dumping into a database so that we don't keep sending to 
> dead accounts.  I'd prefer a windows version as we are an all Windows 
> shop, but a linux version would get it in the door here which I'm dying to 
> do.  Any help would be appreciated.

procmail plus formail and a helper script written in your favourite
scripting language should do. Shouldn't be a hard job to analyze
MAILER-DAEMON return messages on whether they are about fatal delivery


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