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Am So, den 28.12.2003 schrieb Simon Perreault um 22:46:
> On December 28, 2003 16:29, WA9ALS - John wrote:
> > Another naive question from a Linux newbie - Are you guys all running
> > antivirus software on your Fedora box?  I've had some pretty knowledgeable
> > Linux guys tell me it's unnecessary - Could that be correct?  I understand
> > that Linux is inherently less susceptible to system-wide problems that can
> > be more easily spread on a Windows machine.  Give me a clue - Do I need
> > Linux antivirus, and if so, what's generally accepted as the best?  Tnx -
> Viruses on Linux don't exist. There are some antivirus for Linux, but these 
> people are selling snake oil.

I don't agree with that opinion.

Imagine you are running a samba file server for a group of Windows
machines. Don't you think it is wise to centralized scan the filebasis
for the clients against viruses?

Or think for an email server scanning all mails for bad attachments. It
will stop a lot of pain from the clients.


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