X failing on boot but startx works fine

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hi people
i have been using fedora since release and just today a strange thing
started happening. My X fails to start on boot (it fails 6 times then
says it will wait 2 mins b4 retrying). This is strange because before
today it worked fine ... and even now - if i log in as my user (or root)
and type startx - X fires up and runs no worries -

EXCEPT!! - every two bloody minutes the X server tries to start itself -
even though i am already running it - and then it complains the display
is being used and so goes off trying to use DISPLAY:1 which also fails 6
times and then waits 2 mins b4 it all starts all over again ....

as you can probably see - my work is interupted every 2 mins (for
approx. 2 mins) while X chucks a spac!

any ideas on how to solve this annoying problem - oh yeah i checked
/var/log/XFree* and there are no error messages there :(

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