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On Saturday 27 Dec 2003 5:20 pm, Jim Cornette wrote:
> Sponger wrote:
> > Whats up with this?
> >
> > I just read on that Lorma linux 4.0 is based off of
> > Fedora Core, I know this is legal, but I didn't think it would happen!
> Since it is Fedora continued (RH to Fedora), I dowloaded and am about to
> test it's installer and features.
> Thanks for the link. It seems to be only 1 CDROM big. I don't know if it
> will upgrade from Fedora. It didn't do too well with rpm upgrade or with
> up2date,from CDROM.
> Jim

Hi Jim..
I have d/loaded it but not yet installed...Be interested to know
your thought's on it before I try it out....

   Ted Wager
     Trying out Mandrake Linux

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