Creating a local apt repository?

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Not strictly Fedora-centric, but if I can get it working under RH9, I plan to deploy it to my Fedora machines.

Since I'm on a dial-up connection, I have copied the complete set of RH9 rpms into one directory on my machine in an attempt at creating a local mirror for apt.

I have run
"genbasedir --flat --bloat --bz2only --partial --progress /mainarchive/redhat9 localrpms"
on this directory, and the appropriate pkglist.localrpms.bz2 etc have been created in /mainarchive/redhat9/base.
I have added
"rpm file:/apt/ /mainarchive/redhat9 localrpms"
to my /etc/apt/sources.list file. Now when I do an apt-get update, my local archive gets ignored with:
"Ign file: /mainarchive/redhat9/base release"

Am I doing something wrong?


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