Re: kernel 2.6 very sluggish

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> Having issue with kernel 2.6 (yummed from
> // Under kernel 2.4.22-1.2129.nptl
> things run smoothly. Under kernel 2.6 it's awefully sluggish. Evolution,
> terminal, epiphany :-P take forever to launch and mouse sputters
> (intellimouse). Are there any/which logs I should look at to find out
> the issues? Any help would be appreciated. Or should I direct these
> questions elsewhere? TIA.

I had the same problems until I did the following two things:

1) Recompiled the XF86 module for the touchpad (there are docs for this on the Internet)
2) created the new sys filesystem
Modify /etc/fstab
add line:
none                     /sys           sysfs   defaults        0 0

and create directory

*The above sys stuff is borrowed from an earlier post from Anderson
Silva* (just giving credit)


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