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Paul Morgan wrote:

This worked for me (from

The fedora distribution uses a different setup again. Instead of the
dm-specific locations, it requires session files to be in

So, to get Fluxbox into its session menu, create the file:
/etc/X11/dm/Sessions/fluxbox with contents:

[Desktop Entry]
You may need to put the full path to fluxbox in the Exec line if it is
in a non-standard location.


I tried that. (Actually, since the files were all named <manager>.desktop, I
named it fluxbox.desktop.) No luck; I'd choose a fluxbox session, log in, and
just get a blank blue screen with a mouse cursor (that did move around). I had
to ctrl-alt-bs out of X, after which I would get the nVidia driver splash screen
followed by the computer going into some sort of hibernation mode, taking some
keypressing to get out of and back to the graphical login.

I noticed the *.desktop files had the execute bits set, and set them on fluxbox.desktop;
no change. I noticed that /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions had a Fluxbox file in it, but noticed
that, unlike the other files therein, it just exec'd /usr/bin/fluxbox rather than doing

exec /etc/X11/xdm/Xsession fluxbox

analogously to the GNOME and KDE files in the same directory, so I made that change.
No difference.

Finally, I figured I should try the directions exactly as written, and changed the
name of the added file from fluxbox.desktop to just plain fluxbox. Then the login no
longer displayed fluxbox as a choice for sessions.

Any suggestions about what to do to let me use fluxbox would be greatly appreciated;
for me personally, it's just an experiment, but for the person who's getting the
200 MHz Pentium Pro box I've had sitting around and put Fedora Core on, having
access to a lower-overhead window manager is very much worthwhile.

   James Jones

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