Re: kernel 2.6.0 and fedora

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Found this thread :

Got the mouse wheel working again by probing the uhci.

Don't ask me why it works. :)

Still working on the sound.


On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 16:22, Alex Olivas wrote:
Naoki wrote:

> Well, I'm running 2.6.0-smp ( love that hyperthreading ) and I have 
> two problems.
> There is a prize to anybody who can help me out :
> 1) My mouse is detected as a USB Generic three button as normal but 
> the scroll wheel no longer works. ( logitech ).
> 2) My USB sound Card ( creative ) no longer works.
> Idea as to where I should start to look?
have you tried selecting the logitech mouse man wheel (i think) 
manually.  i used to have to do this
with rh9 and previous releases.  i have no problem with fc1 though.  i 
also have a usb logitech and the
wheel works just fine.  sorry can't help with the sound card.
good luck,

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