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koolinus ha scritto:

Tanto tempo fa, in una galassia lontana lontana, Giuseppe Cavallo scrisse:

Hi all,
Which do you use kernel? I now use 2.4.23-rc5, becouse I had same problem us you. All deamon power off but the my laptop that use ACPI don't turn off
normaly and I was obbliged to torn off my notebook by button. Also if I recompile the 2.4.22 I had same problem, but I solve any problem with

Hi Giuseppe ! Hi everyone. How did u compile the 2.4.23 kernel (vanilla) using the NTPL ? Can u give me (us newbie) some advice or write me in private ?

The thing that i like the most in Fedora is the high speed given by those libraries and I would like to mantain them...

Is this spamming/bombing regular????

Antonio M.

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