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redhat wrote:

I have a question about whether or not fedora is able to utilize usb 2.0
yet?  If so, what cards might be compatible with fedora?  What kind of
speeds can be expected?  Secondly, what 1000MB NIC cards are working
with fedora?  I have a server set up to serve video clips for an editing
bay but the 10/100 speeds are killing me.  Thus the reason for the
USB/1000MB NIC questions.

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as far as i could tell usb was working with rh9 as well. i haven't tried to run
anything with usb2.0 on fedora yet, but i do plan to and am assuming it will
work, since it worked with rh9. i tried a cheap usb2 pcmcia card (i don't
remember the brand, but it was so cheap i figured it was worth the gamble)
and as soon as i plugged it in rh9 started ehci immediately. i was surprised
at how little i had to do. i will play with my external usb2 harddrive tonight
and let you know if i have any problems. can't help though with the NIC cards.

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