Re: determine the amout of video ram

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Mads V. Pedersen wrote:
Rick Stevens wrote:

Don't forget the color depth.  If you go to 8- or 16-bit color rather
than the 24-bit color, you cut your memory requirements by 33-66%.  You
can then get the 1152x864 size, but not as many colors.  Here is the
video RAM needed for an 1152x864 display:

    24-bit:    24MB
    16-bit:    15MB
    8-bit:    7.5MB

If all you can give is 8MB, you're limited to an 8-bit 1152x864 display
(256 colors).  The formula is:

video RAM needed (in MB) = (width x height x number-of-bits)/1048576

Your formula is calculating the amount of memory in Mega _bits_ not Mega _Bytes_. You have to divide the number by 8. So you get

video RAM needed (in MB) = (width x height x number-of-bits) / 8388608

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