Re: Loosing Connection To subnet

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> # route
>Kernel IP routing table
>Destination  Gateway         Genmask         F  M R   
>Use Iface
>  *        U  0 0 0 eth0 
>    *            U  0 0 0 lo 
>default         UG 0 0 0 eth0
> When/if this happens again, is there anything that I should
> run/check to maybe pinpoint what is going on?
> Thanks
> -------------------------------------------
> Chris McKeever


Is this the routing table whether or not you are having a problem? If 
so, I don't see a subnet entry that's immediately obvious. What are 
addresses of the machines and networks in question?  Sorry if I 
missed this in an earlier message.

Regards,  Mike Klinke

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