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n Fri, 12 Dec 2003 11:06 , McKeever Chris <[email protected]> sent:

>On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 08:48:20 , McKeever Chris [email protected]> sent:
>>On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 05:50 , leam [email protected]> sent:
>>>Xose Vazquez Perez wrote:
>>>> Jesse Keating wrote:
>>>(snip lots of RAID stuff and opinions)
>>>Requesting clarifications. There seems to be several opinions based on 
>>>different questions. I'm very interested in the topic, but if you more 
>>>knowledgeable types could work through the confusion it would help.
>>>1. The topic seems to be hardware RAID solutions. Software RAID has its 
>>>place, but not on this topic. Maybe a performance test later?
>>>2. There seems to be different levels of board; for example the 100MHz 
>>>small system and the high-end boards that can handle up to 16 drives. 
>>>Can you address recommendations on *both* ends of the spectrum? Are 
>>>there eother product catagories?
>>>3. Please support statements of opinion with evidence of fact. "You are 
>>>wrong." is an opinion. "3ware boards did not have a fast chipset until 
>>>the 7xxx series." is a more factual statement. "I run 3ware boards with 
>>>16 disks in a production environment" is a statement of fact. What 
>>>conclusions we draw from that are opinions.  :)
>>I did some research last night on the promise sx6000 v. the 3ware.  Everything 
>leans towards the 3ware being more stable and better 
>>performance.  In addition, it _seemed_ that linux drivers were an afetr thought 
>for promise.  Now there is still some ambiquity about the 
>>sx6000 not being fully hardware raid. I am under the assumption that it is, if 
>someone can clarify this a bit more I would be grateful
>>>For those of us new to some of these things, what sort of enclosure 
>>>would you use for a larger (4-8-16) disk set?
>>I am planning on getting a 9-bay-5.25 case, enlight has a nice one for about 
>Does anyone know the difference between the 3ware 7810 and the 7506-8?  The 3ware 
>site lists the 7506-8, and other than user comments, the only thing I can seem to 
>figure is that 7810 may have been the model pre thier 
>discontinuation/recontinuation with the entire line.
>Anyone have any feedback on either of these cards??
>From 3ware:

Chris, you are correct that the 7506-8 is a current model and the 7810 is a
much older one. The 7810 was discontinued about 2 years ago and was not
designed for high performance RAID 5. I would not recommend that card to
anyone doing RAID 5, you should buy the current 7506-8 which has the newer
chipsets and R5 Fusion technology for high performance RAID 5. We have
drivers on our website for Red Hat 7.3 and they should also be on the CD
that comes in the retail kit for the 7506-8. Regards,

David Graas 
3ware Inside Sales Manager 
408-523-1036 direct 
650-269-2972 cell 
408-523-1001 fax 
[email protected] 

Chris McKeever
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