Re: Kernel 2.4.23 rpm question

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On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 19:36, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> John Burricelli - KC2KZZ ([email protected]) said: 
> > Are there plans to release a 2.4.23 kernel rpm for Core 1, or is the plan
> > to stick with 2.4.22 until Core 2?
> AFAIK, the plan is to stick with 2.4.22, simply because spending time
> migrating all the patches to 2.4.23 was time better spent on 2.6. But
> Dave Jones would know for sure.

Exactly. Right now, I'm really up to my eyes in various kernels.
The final (hopefully) 2.4.20 update for RHL 7/8/9, FC1 bugfixes, and
of course FC2. (All this, and trying to keep an eye on upstream 2.4/2.6)

Re-basing to 2.4.23 is at least a days work, and right now, there's
just no gap in my schedule to accommodate this.  It's also not as
simple as it sounds, as there's a bunch of changes in 2.4.23 that
we'd want to drop. (The CONFIG_NR_CPUS patch for example).


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