Re: Wich Convert MP3 tools choose ???? (converting mp3s to audio CDs)

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On Wed, 10 Dec 2003 12:22:15 +0200, Mihai Maties wrote:

> On Tuesday 09 December 2003 22:56, Yohann Desquerre wrote:
> > I installed it but when i tried to import mp3 file it say me that is was
> > not compile with the mp3 support....Are there any others things to
> > install in addition to the dependencies find by yum ????
> You can use the following repository to install k3b as it includes mp3 support 
> via libmad. Add these lines to /etc/yum.conf:
> [xcyb-stable]
> name=Fedora Core 1 ( xcyborg / stable )
> baseurl=
> [xcyb-bleeding]
> name=Fedora Core 1 ( xcyborg / bleeding )
> baseurl=
> Be sure to include in your yum configuration file some repository that 
> provides libmad ( freshrpms, livna etc ).

One bad thing about above package is, the Epoch has been increased
without reason.

k3b 0.10.3 plus mp3 plugin will be available soon at,
see "pending" repository if you can't wait.


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