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I was able to get a i386 machine easily.  Build a CD with the attached ISO image.  Boot off the CD and configure a least an a, b, and d slices for the OS.  More, if you want separate storage.  The install disk will be looking for these partition.  Then run the install.

Warning: sorry, can't verify if Linux will have the drivers you need... :-( 

Let me know how it works.  I'm trying to convert my sister from the dark side.  :-)
> From: "Dave Bachechi" <spongers@xxxxxxx>
> Date: 2003/12/08 Mon PM 02:48:21 EST
> To: fedora-list@xxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Linux on an Apple
> Hey, 
> I know this sounds crazy but,
> Dont know if anyone has tried this, but I got a hold of a 15" powerbook 
> and wanna take off the OSX(never cared for it much) and slap linux on 
> there.  Is this even possible on a mac?  Do the let you boot up a floppy 
> or cdrom so I can format the drive?  
> Just and idea!
> Dave
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