Re: We need a good and simple hardware database for Free Software users.

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Hi, exile,

I swear I've never met you, don't know who you are,
don't even know what you look like...

I fully endorse your specific point about some people
posting aggressive replies or comments which help in
no way.

After spending hours on end trying to fix something in
Linux on your box, the last thing you want is replies

This doesn't happen to me
(So what?)

You must have done something wrong
(What, if you don't mind telling?)

You have no idea
(Well, in that case, I am posting in the right place:
a list to help users)

The instructions are extremely clear
(If I already said I read them, maybe I might just
need some help "interpreting" them)

BTW, exile, I am not saying anything about the nVidia
"war", but I do feel strongly about people using the
type of answers quoted above.

Kind regards,

Arturo Duran

IT Consultant
Navacerrada, Madrid, Spain
Registered Linux User no. 308,710

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