Re: avoid nvidia?

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Don wrote:
>    From what I've seen on this list there's a lot of comments/problems with
>    nvidia graphics cards.... if I'm looking to buy a machine, should I avoid
>    nvidia all together? And if so, what's a better choice?

As I understand it, nVidia's cards require non-Free Software XFree86 drivers
to use the 3D functionality (one of the chief reasons for getting nVidia
hardware).  I see this as a big problem because I want software freedom and
I also want all the practical advantages that come from having software

Considering you don't really care about a GUI and none of your tasks require
graphics, I'd get an inexpensive 2D card I could operate with XFree86 as it
ships from upstream.  Check out for their
documentation on supported hardware and find a nice cheap graphics card that
will do the resolution and refresh rate you desire should you decide to
switch to a GUI someday.

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