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I have been using the Nvidia driver for my Dell 8100 and its GeForce2 GO
video card through several flavors of Linux. Redhat, SuSE and now
Fedora. I never have had any problems. Once Fedora is installed and
running correctly:

1. Down-load the driver from Nvidia.
2. As user root (or su) edit the line in the /etc/inittab file that
reads 'id:5:initdefault' to read 'id:3:initdefault'. (leave out the
single quotes)
3. Reboot (the x-server will not start up)
4. Log in as root and run "export CC=gcc32". (CC is upper case)
5. Run 'sh' (leave out the single
quotes and, if different, substitute the name of the Nvidia driver .run
file down-loaded in step 1).
6. Follow the on-screen instructions.
7. When the driver installation completes successfully, edit the
/etc/X11/XF86Config file by commenting out the line in the "Module"
section that reads 'Load "dri"' and by changing the line in the "Device"
section that reads 'Driver "nv"' to 'Driver "nvidia"'. (leave out the
single quotes)
8. Restore the /etc/inittab line that was edited in step 2 to its
original state (i.e. 'id:5:initdefault'). (leave out the single quotes)
9. Reboot.

NOTE: Re-run steps 4, 5 and 6 and then run 'startx' anytime the kernel
is updated (leave out the single quotes). The x-server will not load
after rebooting after a kernel update, so you will NOT have to edit the
/etc/inittab file again. You will also NOT need to edit the
/etc/X11/XF86Config file again.


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