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Daniel Veillard said:
> Edit /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date , change
> storageDir[comment]=Where to store packages and other data when they are
> retrieved
> storageDir=/your_NFS_storage/var/spool/up2date
> and
> keepAfterInstall[comment]=Keep packages on disk after installation
> keepAfterInstall=1
> There is a risk associated in the sense that there is no synchronization
> of the downloads, and I don't know what would happen if machine A and
> machine B try to download the same RPM at the same time, but the worse
> which can happen is a corrupted package which will be detected by the
> MD5 checksum check of rpm, will be reported and manual intervention can
> then clean it up.
> Daniel

Another option would be to just wget a mirror then use the "-k" option to
have up2date copy the files from your mirror.  That way if you don't have
the file each machine can download it from RH without causing issues.

William Hooper

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