Re: Corrupted Hard Drive after activating intel I/oat dma

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Hi Gustavo,

>By mistake we activate intel I/oat dma support on a laptop with a
>centrino duo to try to get better performance on IO.

I/OAT is for accelerating network operations on newer Xeon processors
and E1000 nics. Some information about it is available here:

There's no way that enabling this option could cause your hdd to fry.

>know the option was not supported, but I want to know if cause that we
>can have a fried hd :(.
>thanks in advance if someone has something to said about the
>failure. :(
>Kernel 2.6.19-gentoo-r7

I'm a gentoo@laptop user myself. This distro is very disk-demanding
because of the frequent compilations. In my opinion it's not the best
distro for a mobile system. No wonder your disk gave out :(.

Marek Kierdelewicz
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