Re: [patch] Make MMCONFIG space (extended PCI config space) a driver opt-in issue

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> 3) mmconfig might or might not be enabled, depending on which driver
> is loaded, whether it called an API or not.
> 	Even LESS testing by hw vendors than #2.  Maybe even "never"
> 	Inconsistent (config access depends on device)

the "depends on device" is even true for Linux today. For us today, MMCONFIG isn't always used, it's used on a per device basis already; except that the per-device is both defined by the bios and our quirks....
(the mmconfig code already falls back to conf1 cycles in various cases)

So I'm not entirely buying your argument. IN fact I'm not buying your "mixed is not tested at all" argument; while the statement may be true, it's not different than it is from Linux today... which is mixed. Just differently mixed I suppose.
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