Re: PCI resource problems caused by improper address rounding

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On 12/18/2007 07:11 PM, Robert Hancock wrote:
>> However, I wonder about that
>>     e0000000-efffffff : pnp 00:0b
>> thing. I actually suspect that that whole allocation is literally
>> *meant* for that 256MB graphics aperture, but the kernel explicitly
>> avoids it because it's listed in the PnP tables.
> That is probably the MMCONFIG aperture, in that case any attempt to map
> the graphics BAR there will have disastrous results. (This BIOS has an
> MCFG table, though it looks like this Fedora kernel has MMCONFIG
> disabled, so we can't tell what it actually contains.)

You can boot with "pci=mmconf" to enable it.

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