Re: [PATCH] Option to disable AMD C1E (allows dynticks to work)

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> Well, that would interfere with the acpi-idle code.

How so? idle notifiers should work for acpi idle too.

> Anyway the idle notifiers is a pretty artificial interface which is on
> my get rid of it list anyway.

The original use cases were: 
- Accounting for idle time with stopped counters in oprofile and eliminate
the need for idle=poll.
That never was implemented unfortunately but would be still a worthy
feature I think.
- Perfmon for similar uses.
- noidletick -- my original noidletick implementation used the idle
notifiers similar to the s390 implementation. Obsolete now. 

Right now it is used for the machine check early notification, but I never
liked that (imho it just "fixes" a non problem only relevant 
in non realistic testing situations) and it would be fine to drop that one 
I think.  In fact I already made it a config in the patchkit to use the 64bit
mce code on 32bit too.


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