Re: [RFC] Proposed new directory layout for kvm and virtualization

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Sam Ravnborg wrote:

So use arch/*/virt/kvm/ if kvm really requires
a subdirectory of it own. Preferably not.
A handful of files named kvm* does not warrant their own
subdirectory IMO.

We'll have 5-6 x86 specific files.

Where do you suggest we place them?

But, I want to place the arch independent files in virt/kvm/, so as to leave room for virt/lguest/.

Seems logical and fit the way we handle mm/ versus arch/*/mm,
kernel/ arch/*/kernel etc.

Exactly, so virt/kvm/ -> arch/x86/virt/kvm/.

Are there any dependencies between the arch and non-arch files
such as they are combined in a single module?

Yes, they are combined into a single module.

In the case of x86, some of arch/x86/... will be combined with virt/kvm/ to form kvm.ko, while others will generate kvm-intel.ko and kvm-amd.ko.

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