Re: klibc ipconfig misbehavior in a network with DHCP snooping

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[ added klibc ml to cc ]

> I found a problem with klibc's "ipconfig" program, or at least, behavior
> that breaks DHCP on my thin clients (LTSP 5.0). It has to do with setting
> the giaddr field on dhcp_send in dhcp_proto.c, line 164.

thank you for digging into it.

>  Otherwise, the relay agent SHALL forward any received DHCP packet
>  with a valid non-zero giaddr WITHOUT adding any relay agent options.
>  Per RFC 2131 <
>  ; /rfc2131.html>, it shall also NOT modify the
>  giaddr value.

got also a single klibc Debian bug report on it:

i'm adding the patch to my branch and will submit it to hpa asap.

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