man-pages-2.69 is released

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Some news:

* man-pages now has a website:

  The site includes HTML versions of the current set of man-pages.

* Starting with man-pages-2.69, each man page now includes a COLOPHON
  section at the end of the page which indicates the version of
  man-pages in which this page is released, and also contains a
  pointer to the man-pages web site.

Repeating some old news:

* As from now, my address as man-pages maintainer has changed
  to [email protected]  (Mail to the old address will
  continue to work for a while, but eventually I will close
  that account.)

* The list [email protected] has been created for
  the purpose of discussing Linux man page bugs, patches,
  and maintenance.  To subscribe, send a message to
  [email protected], with the body:

       subscribe linux-man

Back to the news as usual...

I recently released man-pages-2.69.

This release is now available for download at:

    (Note the s/manpages/man-pages/ in these paths;
    a symlink with the old path will exist for
    a limited time.)

Changes in the release that may be of interest to readers of this list are
summarized below.


(man-pages maintenance is supported by Google, as a Google engineer 20%

==================== Changes in man-pages-2.69 ====================

Removed pages

        The content of these files is now available in HTML format.

Changes to individual pages

    J. Bruce Fields
        Add warning that mandatory locking is unreliable.
    J. Bruce Fields
        Clarify details in description of file leases.

    Mats Wichmann
        Add BUGS text noting that the return value from Linux
        sched_setschuler() does not conform to POSIX.

    Jeremy Kerr
        Various updates and improvements.

    Jeremy Kerr
        Various updates and improvements.

    Jeremy Kerr
        Various updates and improvements.

Michael Kerrisk
Maintainer of the Linux man-pages project
(Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 of the Linux man pages)

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