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Alan Stern wrote:
On Thu, 29 Nov 2007, Raymano Garibaldi wrote:

The feature does work as long as the device remains plugged in and
that is what I have said in my previous postings too. What I'm saying
that should work and worked under 2.6.21 and is not working currently
is the ability to unplug and plug back in the device while the
computer is suspended before resuming without losing the mount.
Okay, guess I misunderstood what you wrote before.

The patch below for 2.6.23 should do what you want (and more besides). It forces the USB Persist feature to apply to all persist-enabled devices, whether they were unplugged or not.
There's no chance of this getting accepted into the official kernel in
such a simple form, but at least it will allow you to do what you want.
Alan Stern

--- 2.6.23/drivers/usb/core/driver.c1	2007-11-29 10:57:36.000000000 -0500
+++ 2.6.23/drivers/usb/core/driver.c	2007-11-29 11:01:44.000000000 -0500
@@ -1550,6 +1550,9 @@
 		if (!(udev->reset_resume && udev->do_remote_wakeup))
 			return -EPERM;
+	/* Force all system resumes to be reset-resumes */
+	udev->reset_resume = 1;
 	return usb_external_resume_device(udev);

Mmm.. how about a nice sysfs attr that the suspend scripts can write
that value to as needed ?
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