Re: [rfc 37/45] x86_64: Support for fast per cpu operations

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Christoph Lameter wrote:
On Mon, 19 Nov 2007, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

There was, at some point, discussion about using the gcc TLS mechanism, which
should permit even better code to be generated.  Unfortunately, it would

How would that be possible? Oh. You mean the discussion where I mentioned using the thread attribute?

require gcc to be able to reference %gs instead of %fs (and vice versa for
i386), which I don't think is available in anything except maybe the most
cutting-edge version of gcc.

Right. That is why we do it in ASM here.

However, if we're doing a masssive revampt it would be good to get an idea of
how to migrate to that model eventually, or why it doesn't make sense at all.

If you can tell me what the difference would be then we can discuss it. AFAICT there is no difference. Both use a segment register.

As far as I can tell from a *very* brief look at your code (which means I might have misread it), these are the differences:

- gcc uses %fs:0 to contain a pointer to itself.
- gcc uses absolute offsets from the thread pointer, rather than adding
  %rip.  The %rip-based form is actually more efficient, but it does
  affect the usable range off the base pointer.

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