Re: stuck nfsd processes with 2.6.24-rc2

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On Tue, 13 Nov 2007, Christian Kujau wrote:
Ah, I forgot about that. Will do as soon as I get a working kernel again. I'm in the middle of git-bisecting and I had to mark the last 2 versions as "bad" but only because they 1) Oopsed during boot or 2) could not load the kernel image:

Same again: after 3 working versions I have to mark yet another one as "bad" - not because the NFS bug showed up, but I was unable to boot again ("linux 'zimage' kernel too big" message again). So now I am at:

git-bisect start
# bad: [6e800af233e0bdf108efb7bd23c11ea6fa34cdeb] ACPI: add documentation for deprecated /proc/acpi/battery in ACPI_PROCFS
git-bisect bad 6e800af233e0bdf108efb7bd23c11ea6fa34cdeb
# good: [bbf25010f1a6b761914430f5fca081ec8c7accd1] Linux 2.6.23
git-bisect good bbf25010f1a6b761914430f5fca081ec8c7accd1
# good: [fba956c46a72f9e7503fd464ffee43c632307e31] Map volume and brightness events on thinkpads
git-bisect good fba956c46a72f9e7503fd464ffee43c632307e31
# bad: [7b1915a989ea4d426d0fd98974ab80f30ef1d779] mm/oom_kill.c: Use list_for_each_entry instead of list_for_each
git-bisect bad 7b1915a989ea4d426d0fd98974ab80f30ef1d779
# bad: [c223701cf6c706f42840631c1ca919a18e6e2800] ide: add "hdx=nodma" kernel parameter
git-bisect bad c223701cf6c706f42840631c1ca919a18e6e2800
# good: [1d677a6dfaac1d1cf51a7f58847077240985faf2] pm3fb: hardware cursor support
git-bisect good 1d677a6dfaac1d1cf51a7f58847077240985faf2
# good: [291702f017efdfe556cb87b8530eb7d1ff08cbae] [ALSA] Support ASUS P701 eeepc [0x1043 0x82a1] support
git-bisect good 291702f017efdfe556cb87b8530eb7d1ff08cbae
# good: [92d15c2ccbb3e31a3fc71ad28fdb55e1319383c0] Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
git-bisect good 92d15c2ccbb3e31a3fc71ad28fdb55e1319383c0
# bad: [f77bf01425b11947eeb3b5b54685212c302741b8] kbuild: introduce ccflags-y, asflags-y and ldflags-y
git-bisect bad f77bf01425b11947eeb3b5b54685212c302741b8

I'm not sure wether it's sane to continue at all ("only 19 revisions left!"); but this has to wait until tomorrow anyway...

@Bruce: sysrq-t will have to wait too, sorry.

thanks for any ideas,
BOFH excuse #70:

nesting roaches shorted out the ether cable
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