Re: [PATCH] fix up perfmon to build on -mm

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On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 04:34:54PM -0800, Greg KH wrote:
> Here's a patch against my current tree that gets the perfmon code
> building and hopefully working.
Thanks for your quick help.

> Note, it needs the kobject_create_and_register() patch which is in my
> tree, but I do not think it made it to -mm yet.  The next -mm cycle
> should have it.
> Also, the sysfs usage in the perfmon code is quite strange and not
> documented at all.  Yes, there is a little bit in the documentation
> about what a few of the files do, but there are _way_ more files and
> even directories being created under /sys/kernel/perfmon/ that are not
> documented at all here.
The full documentation for /sys/kernel/perfmon is in Documentation/perfmon2.txt

> If you document this stuff, I think I can clean up your sysfs code a
> lot, making things simpler, easier to extend, and easier to understand.
> But as it is, I don't want to break anything as it's totally unknown how
> this stuff is supposed to work...
I certainly welcome your help.

> Hint, use the Documentation/ABI directory to document your sysfs
> interfaces, that is what it is there for...
I will move the description from perfmon2.txt to its own file in

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