Re: 2.6.24 breaks nvidia and amd/ati binary drivers, by exporting paravirt symbols as GPL

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On Nov 1 2007 19:36, Tobias Powalowski wrote:
>commit to .24 tree:
>pv_cpu_ops is for nvidia
>pv_mmu_ops' is for amd(ati)

Speaking of which, the patch introduced a strict-aliasing warning (that 
is, common userspace program compilation would warn about such) at:

+       return *((void **)&tmpl + type);

&tmpl is of type struct paravirt_patch_template **, and cross-casting 
this to void ** usually gives a strict-aliasing warning.
A workaround is to pre-cast to void *,
	return *((void **)(void *)&tmpl + type);
is that ok?
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