Re: [RFC - GIT pull] first step to get rid of x86_64 and i386 dirs

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* Sam Ravnborg <[email protected]> wrote:

> Hi Ingo.
> This is first step in getting rid of the two directories. I had to do 
> some very minor modifications in common files to let it work out - but 
> nothing really hackish.
> If you & Thomas + hpa are OK with the changes they can be pulled from:
> 	git://
> As this is mostly renames I have attached a git -M diff only.

wow, cool stuff!

> The remaining stuff is Kconfig files.
> Before looking into these I am hoping someone could step in and make 
> the two Kconfig.debug files 100% equal - because then I can fix the 
> kconfig stuff and finally kill the two directories.

How about mechanically unifying them by adding:

	depends on X86_32


	depends on X86_64

lines? Can you see any problem with such an approach?

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